Have You Ever Wanted to Escape Into the World of Fiction?

If you want to be a happier, better you then you’re in the right place.Create YOUR World is a project designed to make YOU the main character of your life. Take back the life you were given and turn it into the fiction life you’ve been longing for. Now I’m not promising that you’re a wizard but I will tell you that you are capable of more than you think. If you want real life tips on designing your world make sure to go to my youtube channel where I give you real-life tips on designing your world and show how I make movie props and sets!

Become the Main Character of YOUR Life


Take your first steps towards leading a better life! Reclaim your life and…

See the world in a more positive way

Become the best person you can be

Make the World a better place

Start the Quest With Finding Out The Trait All Main Characters Have

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IMG_8557.jpgI live in the world of my own imagination. I’m a writer and filmmaker obsessed with fiction worlds! I’m all about becoming the main character of your life which I teach in my new project ‘Create YOUR World’. I value positivity and strived to be the best I can be. I write to create worlds for people to escape into and that motivates them to go forth into the world and make great thing happen!




Check out some of the stories I’ve written and tell me what you think of them! I’m always looking to improve myself! My goal is to write fiction that people can escape into when they need a break from the real world. Here’s one of my most popular fiction works:

The Business of Kidnapping