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The publishers spreadsheet

So you want to get published and you’re doing your research; good for you! I just wanted to give you a quick simple guide to lay out information about all the publishers you’ve been collecting emails for.

When I was first trying to figure out who to submit to my list of 35 people who accepted un-agented, open submission, LGBT works was pretty daunting. So I spoke with a published author about how he chose the first person to apply to and this was his best tip.

The publisher spreadsheet.

Screen Shot 2018-07-03 at 10.42.20 PM

As you can see here it’s a pretty simple list. Name, website and what they need to have sent in the submission and if I submitted. This makes it easy to sift through. The requirements were often taken right from their pages so I didn’t even have to write it out.

If you don’t think you want to take the time to do this. Just think about the next time you’re submitting your next novel and need to look through every publisher again (and the only thing you’ve saved is there names.)

This is really easy to add too if you have another variable such as if they already responded or if you’re waiting for a response. You can also see one name floating in the middle… that collum was supposed to be for the names at the top of the query but several had just one editor to submit too.

I hope this helps you organize your life and makes the stress a little less heavy. I also fully recommend this book to anyone looking to publish any kind of writing.


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Can you see me, child?

Children tend to scare me. It doesn’t matter where I am or what I’m doing, their big glassy eyes find me. I’m always left introspective, wondering what it is they see? Do they see me?

The real me. The one under my skin.

Do children see a happy, charismatic me? The person who can make anyone smile. Do they see a young adult flourishing in the world? A suave, enthusiastic, artist? Someone with no fear, going forth into the world? Someone living their best life.

Or do those big eyes see the me everyone else knows?

The me who has anxiety. Who doesn’t know what fashion is. Can they tell I have no close friends? That I’m lost in the world? Do they know I’m trying not to be that me anymore? Am I a failer to them? A bum with no job and nowhere to be?

But more importantly, do they see me as a guy or girl?

Do my clothes prove me to be an enthusiastic young man? or does my face betray me as a female? Can they see my chest, strapped down under my oversized shirt? Or are they looking at my arms, with no muscle at all? Do they see I haven’t shaved my legs or that I have shaved my pits? Is my hair too long? My shoes too big?

And they say. “Mommy, what’s that person doing?”

“Oh, they’re just relaxing in the sun.”

They see me as a person. Someone just like anyone else. The child can tell I have ups and downs, flaws and perfections. And I am resigned to the world of they. Neither male no female. I have not yet become that person I so badly want to be. So I shut my eyes and continue to bathe in the sunlight. The grass tickles under my binder. And I am content.

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Sing to Me || A Short Story

Part 1:

Dakota Emmett had done it again. His singles had been hit the top of the charts for years, and this time, it was record-breaking. His crisp strong voice told stories for all who chose to listen. On the charts, he was a pop artist, but I’ve always thought he was an angel. If his voice wasn’t enough, his flowing locks reflected the stage lights out onto the crowd. Of course, you wouldn’t know of that bright, shining blond hair of his because he dyed it neon blue. When it would fade the color would look almost brown. He had it cut by one of the best, it never tickled his shoulders and never fell in his face. And his eyes, oh his eyes, were the color of the sky on a perfect spring day.
I stood in the crowd that day smiling from ear to ear. Because I lived in the same city as him I went to almost all of his concerts. We all packed into the concert hall talking wildly about the handsome devil. Today’s performance was special. If you pre-ordered the ticket you were placed in a random drawing to win a dinner date with Dakota. I smiled looking at all the girls around me. Yes, I had ordered the ticket ahead of time but I didn’t think I would even have a chance of hearing my name called.
Sinking into my seat I got ready to listen to his wonderful voice. I always thought he sang better on stage. Without the effects and splices of sound clips, his singing was pure. The lights dimmed and there was his beautiful face. Cameras circled him and huge screens showed me all the little details of his face. The girls screamed and I bounced up and down in my chair. He sang his hit songs first. As the night went on he started getting to older songs. There were times when I was the only one mouthing words and other times where the hall erupted into off-key singing.
Five minutes were left in the allotted time. Everyone around me shifted. The last note of Dakota’s sound played out and then his smile was back.
“Hellooo everyone,” He showed his perfect teeth off to the crowd, “I would like to thank each and every one of you for coming to see me tonight. Now which one of you lovely ladies gets to wants to have dinner with me tomorrow night?” The crowd whooped and hollered, “I thought so.” He gave a sideways grin, “Now let’s see who the winner is.”
The crowd went wild, shouting into the sky. He reached into a little bucket and pulled out a slip.
“And the winner is, Chance Haytoooonn.” He threw his head back.
I froze in place. That was my name. I had won. The audience cheered. A man with a clipboard walked up to my row.
“Please come with me,” he said addressing me.
I stumbled up and ran after him. We walked down the stairs as the girls watched me. They were all probably planning to kill me. I walked up the stairs onto the stage and paused. There was still a chance I could run away. I didn’t want to be on stage in front of the all the people I beat. Someone nudged me from behind and the momentum sent me running out onto the stage. Seeing Dakota standing that close to me, I stopped in place. I was probably 10 feet away.
He held his right hand out and smiled. “No need to be so shy, come stand over here with me.”
I tumbled over to stand by him and looked up at his beautiful, wonderful face. My face flushed red. He rested his hand on my shoulder.
“Congratulations, Chance, I have to say, I wasn’t expecting any guy to enter, but I guess there was a- CHANCE.”
I tried to laugh but ended up looking down at the stage, my face was most likely red.
“So, do you have anything you want to say?”
I shook my head and stared at my shoes.
He patted my back lightly. “Well then, I’ll see you backstage.”
That boy’s voice, it made my heart pound. After a few minutes, he came off of the stage to where I was standing.
“I’m so sorry!” I yelled as soon as he got near me, “I should have said something, and I’m a guy so that probably screwed you up-”
Dakota rested his hand on my shoulder, his blue orbs looked into my eyes, “Don’t worry about it, I know that must have been hard for you. So for dinner are you free on Saturday around 6?”
“You don’t need to eat with me, I totally get it.” I stumbled backward.
He shook his head. “That’s nonsense, you won fair and square.”
“Saturday then…”
“I’ll send someone to pick you up.” Dakota ruffled my hair gently, “I like the red, by the way.”
Then he disappeared. A piece of my dyed red hair fell in front of my eyes. I watched him talk to some of the producers as he left. Running off to the parking lot, I covered my face, hoping no one would recognize me. I drove home with my foot on the gas the whole time. My heart raced. When I got home I snuck in through the front door. My father was watching TV in the living room, my mom was washing dishes in the kitchen. As to not attract attention to myself, I took quiet steps.
I passed my sister’s room and my brother’s room and crept into mine. My room was dark, almost all the bulbs were burnt out. There were stacks of paper everywhere. Each one of them as a different song that would never be sung. I sat down on my bed and pressed my face into my hands. All of my clothes were scattered on my bed. I had literally nothing to wear if I went to dinner with him.

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What is a Better Platform for Fiction Writers? Wattpad VS WordPress

While WordPress has been my main platform since 2015 I have had some issues maintaining a posting longevity. Due to the way searches appear on WordPress it is hard for older content to get found unless it is in a very specific range that is very searched but not filled with content. My post writing characters with dyslexia fits into that category.

So for fiction writers who have a hard time figuring out exactly what niche to write in, getting the kind of feedback on work that is necessary to keep your stamina up is impossible. The only authors who I can tell use WordPress effectively as a platform already have a following. Because fiction is supposed to be the base of our platform and short stories often do not have high SEO names it is hard for them to be found by the WordPress algorithm. The whole thing has left me with a wide variety of content that doesn’t get seen and one post that does. It’s also very hard for people to follow series in this format as people will be more likely to find your 8th post than you first.

That’s why during my temporary hiatus I used wattpad. I’ve tried using this reading and writing platform in the past and it wasn’t very effective but that’s because I was using It wrong. Postings one story in many parts I have already gotten 3 times the amount of views on that one story than on all the fiction posted on WordPress. I’m still exploring the pros and cons of wattpad but I have found it much more rewarding to write there than I have on WordPress. I do intend to start writing on WordPress again but it’s hard to say if I will have the motivation to stick with it for the rest of the year.

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Life After College

Hey guys. Today I wanted to talk about what I’m doing with my life after I graduate. I talk about finding an apartment in Chicago, deciding where to live, finding a job in film, and the future of this youtube channel. I ramble quite a bit in this video but I recorded almost 30 minutes so just be glad I cut all that other junk out XD.
I hope you guys enjoy the video. If you did please comment, like, share and subscribe (It really helps the channel out). I’d love to make youtube my full-time job one day but as you can see I’m still working out the kinks. There only one way to get better though, and that’s practice.
If there’s anything you would like to see a video about please let me know. I’d like to move away from regular vlogs and start making more how-to style content. I’d also like to start posting more frequently after I graduate. For instance, I could have made this into two shorter and more refined videos. I’ll try to start doing that more in the future but editing takes a long time and it’s my least favorite part.
Now that I’ve rambled for 1000 words let me sign off.
I hope you have a sparkling day,
Anndi ❤

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How to Define Success–Things to Learn To Be An Expert

How much do you really need to know in order to be an expert? Mike Boyd has popularized his style of learning, learn quick, on his YouTube channel. In contrast with the 10,000 hour rule, he sets goals for skills to learn and it takes him a surprisingly short amount of time to obtain his goals. But would you define him an expert? He sets goals that make him feel comfortable in saying that he can indeed complete the skill and sometimes they aren’t huge unobtainable ideas. So that begs the question:

What do you define success as?money-2696234_1920.jpg

If you don’t set concrete goals for yourself it is very easy for self-doubt to creep in. Everyone seems to be talking about SMART goals recently, so I’ll leave it to you to decide if that is the right way for you to plan. But make sure you do set goals and not just the big ones.

Set lots of tiny goals along the way and reward yourself for completing them.

It’s going to take time to achieve almost anything. If you don’t set small goals along the way you’ll never feel accomplished and will be much more likely to give up. Then you also need to reward yourself for each step. Don’t wait until the end for one big party. Keep yourself in a good mood the whole time. Use positive reinforcement on your own mind to keep steadily improving.

The 89 percent rule.

money-2724241_1920.jpgI once heard that you should only try your best until you are at 89 percent of your our goal. By trying to get that last one percent perfect you’ll be using up so much time and won’t be learning much. But what you learned from completing the first 99 percent will make your next attempt so much better. In other words, don’t be a perfectionist. Move on to the next step on the proses because you might not realize that you have made a huge mistake and need to restart completely. And the next time you do it it will be so much easier.

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How to Plan and Set Yearly and Monthly Goals

This is the first year I’ve used a calendar. I set lots of goals at the beginning of 2018 so here’s how I plan out each month and week to archive these large goals.

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What is the Plot of the Story of YOUR Life?

Why leave anything to chance? I think you can shape the plot of your life and completely plan it out. If you want to know how read on. This is the notepad I use in this post but it is not required: Accomplish Knock Knock Pad

Stop for a moment and write down things that you wish would happen in your life. These are the “maybe nevers”. Its a place for my mind to wander freely without my stamping out ideas and in a way it’s a bucket list. Here we return to the determination aspect and ask:

What Drives You?austin-chan-275638-unsplash.jpg

If your life were a book, what would your end goal be?

If you were the very skilled main character what would you be able to do?

Some of mine are:

Have an amusement park (like The Wizarding World of Harry Potter) made off of one of my works


Speak fluent Japanese

Then we need to break it down into smaller and smaller goals, things that seem reasonable to achieve.

The next section is the “somedays”. These should relate to the “maybe nevers” and build up to them but are still goals in their own right.

What do want to tell your kids about?

What would make you the hottest bachelor in your town?

What is on your bucket list?

Two of mine are:

Speak at a convention

Go to Japan for the 2020 Olympics

These both are huge accomplishments that can build up and lead to these other goals.

The “near futures” section I think of as later in this year or in the next two. These can more directly lead up to the “somedays”.

Where do you see yourself in two years?

What do you want to change in your life right now?

What can you do to take your career to the next level?

You don’t need to know how to achieve these things, just knowing you want them is enough.rawpixel-com-561415-unsplash.jpg

Some of mine:

Get published

get hired at either a film company or prop house

get a youtube play button

and then I wrote down one that surprised me: Launch a product for sale.

I had no idea this was a goal of mine but when I was thinking through what my goals for my blog were I realized I wanted to make a little bit of money off of it. ($5 a month so I could justify paying for the site).

The next smallest section of the list is ‘weekend’ followed by ‘tomorrow’ and ‘today’.

I don’t like this breakdown. For the most part, I write out my goals at night on the weekend so my list looks a little more like this: ‘This week’ ‘tomorrow’ and ‘asatte’ (day after tomorrow in Japanese). But you might want to break it down into months or weeks first.

But how does this directly correlate with uncovering the plot of your life? Well, you can only look so far into the future before things get cloudy. I write out as many steps as I can and break it down as much as a can but there are many splits in life and you can never tell what twist and turns await you. So don’t get to far ahead of yourself

So in order to have an amusement park, my work has to be popular enough to have a panel, one way to make my work popular is to post on my blog and on youtube, in order to get fans on these platforms I have to come up with and post content.

In order to make my livelihood off of my passion, I have to get a job in the industry so that I can work my way up, to do that I have to move to where the job I want is which means that I have to graduate so ill put all my homework in my planner.ian-schneider-66374-unsplash.jpg

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Find Your Style and Dress Like a Main Character

Dressing like a badass is the best way to “fake it till you make it”. No matter how you define badass, you can figure out your style and start feeling more comfortable in your own skin. Almost every character you find, from kids cartoons to video games wears the same thing every day. While I don’t recommend that I can tell you how to find a style you love.

Find people you love

Go online and look up characters you admire. Whether they are drawn or real people, pay attention to what they wear, someone picked it out for a reason. Try to pay attention to what they have in common. Look up different real-life people and find styles you like then search for more similar styles. I have a Pinterest board and the best pictures ate saved to a folder on my laptop.A lot of the pictures I saved had girls with short hair and side bangs.png

You Can Do the Same Thing with Clothing

Go to you’re closet and go through it, looking for pieces that fit with this style. I found that a lot of my clothes could be worn a different way to fit my style. Remember you were drawn to those pieces of clothing for a reason. You probably don’t want a complete overhaul of your wardrobe. Move them all the best pieces to one side of your closet. You don’t have to throw out the other stuff but you probably will in time.

Now you just need to look for the few staple pieces you don’t have.

The next thing I’ll recommend (like any good Oregonian) is to go to a high-end thrift store and look around. You’ll find the widest selection of all types of brands. There will be styles from all different eras and body types. It’s also nice because it’s cheap. If you end up changing your mind you haven’t spent too much. It’s a good way to slowly change out your closet and find new styles that flatter your body type.

A lot of the pictures I saved had girls with short hair and side bangsAnother thing I’ve found very helpful is to choose one statement piece that you were almost every day.

Things like cool looking gloves, hats, belts, and scarves are things that epic main characters have. Look around on Amazon, Etsy and wish to find some very specific statement pieces. Go back to your pictures and see if there are any of these pieces that show up time after time.

That’s what you should spend the most money on.

A spin-off of this idea is the talisman. Many main characters have a bracelet, necklace or other statement objects they have with them every day. Read more here:

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Find YOUR Talisman

So many characters have a talisman, whether it’s a necklace or bracelet or other good luck charms, it’s essential for becoming the main character of YOUR life. Now if you read the last post about dressing like a main character you have a collection of photos of characters and people whom you want to dress like. If not that’s fine but you may want to:

pocket-watch-2031021_1920.jpgStart by browsing the web for cool objects to bring with you every day

You want to find something small and unforgettable. Make sure you have a strong connection with this object. You can find these things on Ebay, Craigslist, Etsy, even Amazon but you can also…

Explore the real worldurban-438393_1920.jpg

If you live near a city there is probably either a specialty store or a second-hand store that will have unique objects. I visited a rare coin store, a mystic store, goodwill, a drag queen store, Chinatown, a bookstore boutique and a few other places just to see what they would have.

You don’t need to go all over the place to find your special object but these are some ideas about where to check. Then you can attach this thing to a string or bracelet and find a way to keep it with you all the time.

klee-941597_1920.jpgMake a wish.

Whether you want to bless the object under the full moon or ask God to bless it, do whatever you need to in order to feel you have a good luck charm. I like to come up with a saying to go with my object. “Everything always works out for me.” Comes to mind whenever I see my talisman. This goes into a deep set idea for me and it doesn’t always make sense to everyone else so you need to come up with your own.

To find out how I came up with mine and create your personal mantra come back next week and subscribe so you’ll be notified when I post it.