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The big 5 character traits

This link is to a Dnews video regarding personality physiology, specifically, the big five. These five traits are what I use to create commingling and relatable characters. By choosing some traits to be represented more highly in your characters you can craft unique and memorable ‘people’. If you have two characters who share nearly identical traits, that’s a good sign you should combine them. As an example of how this is used, the fallowing link is to Captain Jack Sparrow’s personality psychology analysis.

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Enough of my long posts

Instead of giving you another 5 pages of text, how about a short book recommendation. I just finished reading Wild Ink (success secrets to writing and publishing in the young adult market) by Victoria Hanley. I really enjoyed the content and writing style. Each section of information was concise and I learned a lot. Not only did it have information on different types of publishing and marketing (along with the usual 3 act structure) but also included information from many authors on a variety of subjects. I have found my self refer to it as a novel three times now because it reads like a story. Please read this amazing literary confection.

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Completion of NaNoWriNo

Well yesterday I got back from my celebration. That’s right. I completed 50,000 words almost 100 pages. This first draft is looking pretty good but the completion of my project has inspired me and my writing career so look out for more stuff by yours truly. I hope you all try to write a draft in a month, it is very rewarding and not terribly hard. I found my typing speed to be around 500 words for half an hour, whats yours?