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What makes a good person/character

Today I would like to show you what I do as my basic character outline. Hopefully this helps you! I answer the fallowing questions to enhance the plot and move it forward.

What are some of their most displaced traits
What is their defining quality
What is the opposite of that
What would make them do the opposite?
How can I include this?

What do they want most
What is the opposite
How could he want both?
What steps would that character take to achieve both

What would he never say?
What would he never do?
What would he never think?
Write a scene where must say/do/think these things

What is he trying to accomplish?
List why
What if the last reason you wrote down was the primary reason?

What is his conflict/goal?
What could make it matter more?
Even more?

What is the point where he can not turn back?

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Exciting project!

So I recently began working on a brand new book. I started working on it with out thinking about trying to write it in 30 days. Surprisingly, I have been able to keep up my word count every day I worked on it. During NaNoWriNo I struggled to reach the number of words each and every day. So what changed? I was excited about the work! The characters are funny! I enjoy writing it so the words come easy. Maybe for future projects I need to tweak the idea instead of focus on the word count. What do you think? Would this help you?