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Day 32s simple task: Day 19 of a book a month

What’s this all about simple tasks?

Today we make the villain a real live person. Give them flaws, give them dreams, give them fears.  Tell us what happened to the villain in his or her past to make them do this. Look at your character sheet for him and make sure all of the information is down on paper.  Take a paragraph or two to describe how the villain stands, walks, the color of their eyes, make me fear them, make them real.

You wrote 31673 words! Go ahead to the next day:



I'm a YA Fiction writer who loves to create magical worlds gay romances stories to take place! I'm a funloving adventurer who just wants to make everyone happy. I'm a tree hugger and art department film hand. I pride myself on knowing a little bit about everything. So if you're interested in learning more about my writing please stick around a while! I post short stories and fictionalized retellings of my life regularly.

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