The Person Who Originated Me

The Person Who Originated Me

Multiverse theory dictates that our universe is one of many. The bubble, which we can not see the edge of, may merely be one of thousands of billions that are simultaneously playing out. For all we know there could be an infinite number of other universes many of which could be similar to our own. There may be other creatures that live somewhere far, far, away that call themselves humans that live on earth but world war one never happened.

There are many that believe that in at least one of those infinite dimensions, there is another you. This other you was raised by the same family has the same pets and the same best friend, but, they may have not broken their arm when they were twelve like you did. That thought you’re thinking could have been different, so in another dimension you thought any number of other thoughts. In other words, everything that was, will ever be, or that even has a 0.1 chance of happening, did or is happening out there right now.

Somewhere out there, you’ve already kissed your crush, but your dog is purple and your mom has a black belt in karate; and the second that your purple dog chooses not to scratch its belly, another dimension is made where he did, and a different one where he scratched his ear instead. Somewhere other than here, there is an alien race on every planet or everything is exactly the same as here except humans are green.

Now are you ready for your mind to be blown even more? There are an infinite number of other dimensions with different laws of physics. That means that they can look nothing like ours, and nothing like each other. There may be aliens that could never have evolved in our universe because we have gravity. And then, there is something that contains all of these alternate dimensions, and something that contains that and something that contains that and an infinite number of those.

Ok, take a deep breath in this dimension. Good, now, are you ready for me to have the title make sense?

An author is broadly defined as “the person who originated or gave existence to anything”. My book character and every other book character actually exists somewhere out there in all of space and time. Yes, and you can go to Wonderland and have a tea party with the Mad Hatter. Also all the places and technologies ever imagined exist too. I do believe that in at least in some universe, every conscious person has an author. I am writing the life of someone in a different dimension or way in the future of this one, and someone in some dimension is writing my life.

I don’t truly remember much before high school, so that all must be my back story and now my author is writing the main plot, it’s a romance, but hopefully the sequel will be about a bestselling novelist with superpowers…Anything my author doesn’t write about isn’t a part of my world, that’s why I can walk past things without noticing them. Having an author no reason to be upset, having an author is not the same as fate. There are always parts of a characters life that are unwritten, some of their childhood, a little bit during the main plot, and then anything that happens in-between books or after a series is finished. Those are the times when you get to make your own choices.

So join me in an adventure where we explore the lives of several people somewhere in some realm. I will be posting short stories almost every week, and even if the ending doesn’t seem happy, don’t worry, they can still shape their lives and get them back on track. This should be to keep in mind for you as you live your life too. You can’t be a best seller without an exciting plot, so even if you’re having trouble now, either your author will pull you out of it and make you the hero or you can pull yourself out when your author stops writing.


P.S. If you want to be everyone’s favorite character, be courageous, smile, try to be funny, and support the other characters, not being perfect makes you seem more lifelike so don’t worry about screwing up…even if you feel stupid in this world, the people reading about you have their explanation and will empathize and love you.


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