My Current Writing Projects

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Marlow is among the top 20 candidates running for the highest elected position of power on all of Merc. He is the loner type, sitting in his room researching all day. Quinn is just the opposite. He loves to work outside and help others. Marlow’s life would have been perfect but then he was forced into an engagement with Quinn. Find out what happens when two straight guys start dating in World War Marlow.

Currently in its Final Edit

Own Most.jpg

A story combining dia de los muertos with the philosophical ideology of nihilism. A reaper who has never fit in is chosen to go on a special mission to restore God to power but must face many trials and his own past in order to do so.

The first draft of Own Most is complete and awaiting its first set of revisions

Operation G.O.D. Is the story of the only magical person in a world of magical people. But when the world is in danger of being completely destroyed by lucifers monsters, God chooses him to save everything.

Operation G.O.D. is in its first draft

Short Stories

sing to meMeeting your idol would have been the best day of Chance’s life if he weren’t so god damn nervous. But being pop singer Dakota’s number one fan paid off and suddenly he has become the best friend, if not love interest, of the most sought-after teen in America.

Sing to Me is entering its first revision stage

Miko and Kami

Miko, a shrine maiden, and Kami, a Japanese god. But what about all the forgotten Shinto shrines? When a Miko randomly shows up to a dilapidated shrine and is dedicated to cleaning it up she is met with a boy who is much more than he appears.

Miko and Kami is about to enter its second draft

halfway to heaven

All souls are made at a factory with each one given special attention so it will be perfect, but all factories screw up sometimes. When two screwed up souls escape purgatory, their adventure will halt the Earth and change God’s plans.

Halfway to Heaven is Getting an Extension