About the Author



This is Sparren.

He’s a two-time Nanowrimo winner and has completed upwards of nine short stories and three novels. He’s a fun-loving and adventure seeking philosopher who loves writers conferences and college-level classes on publishing and writing. He wants everyone to be the best they can be and has been striving to improve people happiness, lower their stress, and reinvigorate their sense of wonder through his stories for the last nine years.


This is Quinn.


He’s a lover, not a fighter. The most empathetic of anyone I know, Quinn only want you to be happy. He’ll always be around to brighten your day and help you with your problems. Creative and adventurous, you find him sharing some of his favorite things.He’s head over heals for Marlow but you won’t see him doating over anyone because he’s very respectful. But don’t’ expect to steal this loyal guard dog away from his master.



This is Marlow.

A very logical person, Marlow isn’t the type to go off on a whim. His way of having fun is to get work done so that the stress doesn’t get to him. You’ll find that he writes more practical advice that relies less on emotion and more on getting s*** done. He has a lot of empathy but won’t show it because he’s afraid of getting hurt. Very goal-oriented and passionate, he might be hard to get through to at first, but once you win him as a friend it will be very hard to get rid of him.



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