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Unidentified Flying Object

This is the start of a longer work of fiction!

I was young, bored and alone when I decided to break into area 51. The middle of the night was too obvious and they would be on guard. Mid-afternoon, I climbed in the back of a truck as the guard checked his ID. I was driven straight to the main building and after the garage was empty, I climbed out into the dark room. Sneaking into places was a waiting game. I stood behind each locked door until someone came through the other side of it. Then I just slipped behind them and didn’t touch the door until after it was closed. Lucky for me, a lot of people were swarming around the building.

I was 15 at the time, young enough to be spotted in a crowd of scientists and old enough to think that I wouldn’t be. Everyone seemed to be gathering on one end of the laboratory to watch some kind of test so I went the other way. I ended up in a room with no lights on but something red and glowing at the other end of it. That’s what I wanted to see. I was careful not to make any noise, getting caught at this point would be traumatizing to me. The closer I got the more and more hot the air felt around me. Six eggs sat in an incubator. Not just any eggs either, tire size, glinting gold and brown eggs.

Something thumped inside the glass and I peered around the side. One egg had broken open. Yellow slime was cast over the shells.  My eyes got wider and wider as I saw more of the creature. First I saw its tail. Almost a foot long and dark purple with little fins at the end. Then I saw its feet and claws. They scratched against the tub, black as a void. I walked fully round to see it. Sharp teeth, glistening golden eyes, and two wings folded on its back.

The dragon let out a little fireball blast and the goo caught on fire. It wallowed down into the flames, toasting its new found body. Then little eyes looked up to meet mine. A crackling hiss met my ears and it scurried back to hid in the parts of its shell that wasn’t broken to bits. I clicked at it, and put my hand on the glass, the way you do at a pet store when trying to get the attention of a puppy. The little dragon marched right up to the side of the tank and lifted its head to the lid, both of its front paws pressed against the glass.

I pulled down my sleeve, over my hand, and lifted the lid. Three feet long, it slithered out of the few inches I had opened the tank. It sniffed my hand through the cloth and then I felt its tiny talons tearing up my arm as it climbed to perch on my shoulder. Grinning, I gently pushed him into the hood of my sweatshirt and pulled the fabric over him. Then I started on my escape. I knew the route, all I needed to do was not get caught or have the dragon burn me.

I slipped through each door as quickly as I could. When I had gotten into the garage, I looked at the hundreds of truck and realized I had no idea which one would leave first. I went to the person-sized door and pushed it open, hoping I’d be able to sneak past the cameras on foot. The alarm rang out and I got stiff. I spun around to already hear guards rushing my way. To my surprise, the first person to show up was around my age. I guess he was 18 because otherwise he couldn’t work there but my point still stands.

He had a white lab coat and a clipboard. Our eyes locked. The guards flooded in around him.

“Good grief,” He ran a hand through his black hair, “how did you guys even let him get this far? Get him out. Now.” He shook his head and looked at his clipboard and muttered, “on hatching day too, how awful.”

I was taken out beyond the gates and given a stern warning. No one really checked me because they must have thought I hadn’t gotten in very far. I’m sure if I had been older there would have been worse consequences. As soon as they were far enough away, I started running. The dragon hissed as my hood bounced up and down. Little claws tugged at the cloth on my shoulder. He peeked over my shoulder at where we were going. I wasn’t old enough to drive but I had a wicked awesome moped that got me back home.

I shut all the windows and doors and dumped the baby onto my bed. He rolled over and looked up at me. I ran off and got a heating pad and a fish from the fridge. It had started getting dark out. I didn’t live near area 51 so it took me quite a while to get back. The dragon gulped down the fish, bones and all, then let his eyes drift back up to me. It was a good thing I liked fishing. When I went to bed he curled up on my chest, apparently the warmest place in the house. I didn’t fall asleep for a while, I was trying to think of what to call him.

By the next afternoon, he had eaten all the fish I had caught for me to eat, and I still didn’t have a name for him. I tucked him inside of my jacket and walked him through town to the hills where I went fishing. For a dragon, he was pretty passive, letting me move him around wherever I liked. Once we were in the mountains though, he was jumping after every little lizard and bird. By the time I had my rod in the water, he had already figured out how to swim. His thin little body wriggled back and forth like a snake, and he could just barely keep his head out of the water.

Then I saw him dip under and up he came with a fish. It was funny how he would smile when bringing it to shore. Then he would nip the head off and down the whole thing. He was very good at swimming, so naturally, I named him Fish. He and I could only go to the river in my hoodie for so many days. Fish ate more than three times his body weight a day and was quick to rip the seams of everything I wore.

Smuggling a dragon past your neighbors is a tricky thing to do without looking like you gained 25 pounds overnight, that’s why we started practicing flying. I bought a dog harness at the store and some thin but sturdy rope and then strapped him up like a kite. He didn’t get the idea at first, but after running around with my arms like an airplane, he started to get the picture.

By the time I was 16 he could fly like a pro and would meet me at the river. He grew considerably during that first year. When he slept on my chest at night, I could hardly breathe. Fish was about six feet from nose to tail, I tad bit taller than me. When I was 17 we had to start going to a lake because the government set up a fish rehabilitation program for our river. I couldn’t have him sleep on my chest anymore. He was about eight feet then. When I was 18 was when the adventure really started. He was ten and a half feet, taking up a majority of the bed, but instead of his tail tickling me awake, there was a knock at the door.

This was particularly odd. No one ever came to see me because I was the weird one. I stayed inside, went fishing every day, never got a job, stopped going to school. As far as everyone else was concerned, I was a recluse who would have a new burn mark every time I stepped into the sun. You could say fireball training wasn’t going too well.

I yawned and answered the door. Two men stood at my door. They both wore uniforms but I couldn’t tell what they were for. These men were not officers but they didn’t have ties and wore mostly black.

“Hello, there sir. We have received some odd complaints about this residents. Do you mind if we talk to your parents?” one said.

I looked at their car and saw one more man step out of it. He held a clipboard and was reading some papers on it. He let out a breath and pulled a hand through his black hair. I got stiff, recognizing him instantly.

“Sure, they aren’t home right now. If you go to the graveyard they are four rows down and two columns over.” I smiled falsely and tried to close the door.

The scientist kid walked up to the door and studied me. “Well I would hate to bother them, may we come in?”

I nodded and opened the door wide, hoping I wouldn’t seem suspicious. The two guards stepped inside and were followed by the scientist.

“I’m sorry,” I smiled, “who are you?”

His hand darted out as though he were going to stab me with it. “Dougless Freit.”

“Nice to meet you.” I gently shook his hand.

He turned my hand over and looked at the burn mark on it. “You have quite a lot of burns.”

One on my hand, one on my shoulder, two on my back one on my front and two for each leg.

“Yeah, I’m really bad about watching the grill.”

His eyes looked into mine with a ferocity that I hadn’t even seen in Fish’s. A large thump came from my bedroom, pulling Dougless’s eyes away from me.

“That’s just my puppy.” I smiled and went to my door, “He’s probably excited to see you. But you know, now that I think about it, he hasn’t been on his morning walk.” I put my shoes on and grabbed the rope, “You know how puppies are, I better take him out.”

I slipped into the room and closed the door. Fish lifted his head and unfolded part of his wings before tucking them back in place. I tried to think of what dog people say.

“Hey Fish, Hey. You want to go for a walk? Huh? Want to go to the lake?”

Fish knew the word ‘lake’ and wiggled his body slightly to say yes. I opened the window and slipped the rope around his neck.

“Come on buddy, let’s go!”

I jumped out the window and looked up at Fish. He got his head through the hole and then looked at me. If the men had any doubts about whether or not I had a dragon, they weren’t about to.

“Fish.” I looked at where he was trying to get his paws through the little window, “breath.”

The wall was on fire in an instant. Fish pushed through the wall, making a cracking sound fly through the air. I jumped up on his back. Never before had I tried to ride him.

“Up. Up.” I said, holding onto his neck for dear life.

And up we went. His wings spread open wide, his feet tucked up under him and we were above the clouds like a bullet. It was partially cloudy so I could see my house catch fire. Three people ran out of it as a fire truck howled in the distance. Dougless pointed up at me and raced back to his car, and then he was a speck.

I had never been up that high. The houses shrunk and the cars turned to toys. We went over the mountains which were more like hills from this height. It was hard to breathe so I held myself close to Fish as we swam through the air. His powerful wings beat on either side of me. From time to time he would look back to make sure I was ok. I politely asked him to keep flying for hours and I didn’t underestimate him, what I did was underestimate the government.

We were over the Midwest when the first helicopter appeared. Five or six more followed shortly after. Where there were roads there were black cars streaming along beneath us. We were encircled, I couldn’t live if we went up any higher and there was nowhere to hide. I looked at Fish and pet his head gently.

“Down, Fish.”

He turned his head to look at me. I nodded and pet his cone ears that were tucked back against his neck. He groaned slightly, baring his teeth and then dropped like a stone.  If I hadn’t been holding onto one of his horns, I would have flown off. I fell off into the grass and the quickly stood up to defend Fish from all the weapons pointed at us. Fish bared his fangs and hissed at the black vehicle around us.

“Fish, it’s ok,” I rubbed my hand along his neck as he folded up his wings.

Dougless, held out a hand to keep everyone from moving or shooting. Then he clicked open a pen and started scribbling on his clipboard. When he had finished, Dougless walked up to Fish and me.

“You must have been the one who broke into 51 all those years ago.” He said not looking at me but Fish.

He moved away slightly when Fish snarled. I nudged my friend and Dougless noticed.

“I’m surprised he hasn’t eaten you, but it does seem to regard you as it’s mother.” His eyes flicked to me.

Gaze washing over me, I shivered at his dull eyes.

“Having a dragon in the city is terribly dangerous. We will be taking him back immediately.” He raised a hand up and all the men readied their guns. “It’s just a tranquilizer, don’t worry. Come stand over here.”

Such reassuring words from a glare so cold. I shook my head and placed a hand on Fish, his heart was racing, knowing something was wrong with me. Fish understood the look in my eyes. He made himself as small as possible and nuzzled his head into my chest. Dougless’s eyes got large. He lowered his hand slowly. I looked over at him in his lab coat.

“Can you make him do anything you want?” He asked me.


He looked off into the crowd and then back to me. “Bring him over him over here and get him in the truck.”

I clicked to Fish and watched his ears perk up. I followed Dougless and Fish trotted after me. Something like a large horse trailer was parked in the center of all the helicopters that had landed. They knew what they were doing, it was just big enough for Fish to lay in comfortably. I looked to Dougless and then walked to the back of the of the trailer and clapped my hands. Fish trotted in and when I sat down, dropped his head into my lap.

Dougless climbed into the trailer behind us and the door shut. Fish got tense when he stepped over his tail. I stroked Fish’s head as the car started up. Dougless set down a gun beside him when he sat down cross-legged and leaned against the side of the truck. His pencil was gliding across the page before the truck had even started moving.

“What are you going to do to him?”

Dougless shrugged, not looking up from his page. “Basic tests.”

That made my stomach roll. “I-is he going to-” I looked down into his gleaming eyes. “Are-Are you guy’s going to-” Fish nudged my face.

“No, he’ll live out a full lifespan if we can help it.”

The only sounds were me exhaling, pencil on paper, and the bumps on the road. Dougless got out a tape measure and started walking around. He looked at the length of the claws, legs, horns and then he came over right in front of me to get the teeth. While writing down the recorded length he put on a slight grin.

“Some puppy.”

My laughter caught in my throat and I ended up signing instead. Dougless looked up at me.

“What do you call him?”

I was surprised a scientist would ask such a question. “Fish.”



He nodded and wrote on the page; 17831 – Fish.


If you would like to read the rest make sure to like and comment so I know this is the type of short story YOU like. And if you’d like to read the start of other fiction I’ve written take a look at The Business of Kidnapping. Have a sparkling day!

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World of Terror

This is the start of a longer work of fiction!

The light turned red and the NJL terrorists were live. My father gripped my shoulder and I could feel his gold rings digging into my skin.

“Hello there, everyone. I am here to announce the creation of something beautiful.”

He pulled a photo out of the breast pocket of his suit and held it up to the camera. My body was cold and I was stiff, standing there.

“This is the Mg1 bomb. It’s big enough to blow up the castle and everything around it, even into the sea. And we are fully willing to kill everything corrupted in the king’s wake but I do have another option for you.” He pulled me closer to him and smiled a grin that still made my skin crawl. “This is my son and I want him to be your king. Marry him to whoever you want and ensure him the right to the throne and then, of course, there would be no reason for me to blow the whole country to smithereens.” He laughed heartily and I looked up, past his broad shoulders to see that terrible grin. “Please respond to me by these same public pathways and broadcast it to the whole world on your PSA screens. We’ll be waiting to see your pick.”

The red light went off. I let out a breath and felt the suit crumple around me. My father reached down and grabbed my chin. He turned me fully towards him and studied my face.

“Why aren’t you smiling? We won.” His black hair was all combed back, probably similar to mine.

“Because tough guys don’t show emotion.” I looked away from him but didn’t dare pull out of his grip.

“The only one we show is pride.”

I licked my lips. “I’m fifteen, can you really blame me for not being happy about my batroval?”

“You should be happy for the clan.” All eyes were on him, like always.

“Can I go hang out with my friends now? We wanted to rob Harrison’s tonight.”

His hand fell away from me and he made a gruff noise.

“Well at least change out of that suit. And be careful, I can’t have my crown prince getting caught.”

I backed away and grinned. “You worry too much.”

Turning my back to him, I ran off the set and down the tunnel. Running my hands through my hair to mess it back up and let the black fly up unlike how my father ever wore his. I climbed up the little rocky ledge the led to my room and threw the door open. Tossing the suit jacket on my bed, I picked up my radio from its charging station on my side table.

“You guys still in?” I plopped down on my bed and pulled off the fancy shoes.

“Thought I’d never hear from you!” Milby yelled.

“Yeah, aren’t you ready?” Thilo was very loud too.

“Give me a sec to change and then I’ll meet you in the commons,” I said unbuttoning my unstained shirt.

Sliding open the mirrored door of my closet, I looked around realizing it was too dark to see clearly. I flicked on a light and the rock walls absorbed the fluorescent glow. The huge scar that was torn up my torso stood out against my otherwise tan skin. I took out my leather jacket and it’s soft white undershirt. Changing into black jeans and combat boots, I whistled quietly to myself. As I walked out of the room, I grabbed my hat and pulled it down over my head.

The common room was bustling with energy. The guys were all laughing and yelling in the torchlight under my father’s throne. He was busy chatting with the others in suits while the rest of the gang was all hanging out around me. My friends were standing by the gate, also dressed up in their leather. I strode over waving to the guys and nodding at the gals.

Thilo already had his gloves on and he was tugging at them compulsively. On the other hand, Milby was fiddling with a couple strips of cloth. His blind eyes darted over to my shoes as I approached.

“Finally!” he called over his shoulder.

Thilo looked up at smiled at me. I put my hands in my pockets and pulled out my own gloves.

“Harrison’s, Right?” I asked, pulling on the long black gloves.

“Yeah, they close in 30, let’s get a move on.” Milby shoved open the gate.

I walked out the door first and looked over my shoulder. Milby brushed by me, pulling up the blindfold over his eyes and tying it tight behind his head. Thilo stood a few steps behind me and was adjusting settings on his headphones. Grinning, I lead the two down the road.

“You gotta put those on as soon as you hear sirens this time,” I said, nodding to the headphones.

Milby snickered. “Yeah, we can’t have you flipping out and running from the crime scene again.”

“That was one time!”

“Or passing out,” I smirked.

“Or whining and pleading with the police.”


“Oh shut up!” He punched Milby in the arm but his weak fist bounced off of rock-hard muscle. “If we’re getting after people’s flaws let’s talk about Raver’s big mouth.”

I grinned. “What about it?”

“You almost blew our cover last time.” Thilo pushed ahead of me.

“And the time before that too.” Milby held out the other piece of cloth. “You just don’t know when to shut the hell up.”

I tied the fabric around my wrist. “We’re here.”

Milby pulled his gun and blade from his pockets. “Ready.”

“Set.” Thilo adjusted one more knob and I could hear the police reports quietly from his headphones.


I forced open the door and we rushed in. Milby fired once in the air and Thilo dashed ahead and stuck his arm under the window before they could hit the buzzer. I forced open an employee only door and started towards the back. The guys covered me as we started back to the safe. Milby held someone by their throat and was pointing the gun at their head. He pulled them along the ground, yelling threats into all the rooms we passed.

If Milby was good for anything it was his lack of empathy. He blindly held the man as if he were only a sack of money.

“On the ground. No one move.” He tilted the gun back and forth.

Thilo had pulled up some kind of map on his phone and was moving us into the vault. “Get the code.”

Then Milby yelled louder. “What’s the code?”

He repeated it again and again until someone responded. Then a beep, and over the radio headset, the call was made.

“We have a hold up at Harrison’s national bank on Mitchell drive, dispatching units…”

Thilo reached up and clicked the headphones one notch. Then he looked me in the eyes. His gray eyes peeking out over glasses brims. He pulled the headphones up over his ears and tapped the mic.

“You guys are my ears now, let’s take this ship to port.”

I laughed at his goofy metaphor before turning on my radio. “Copy that.”

“Put on your goddamn gag.” Milby didn’t turn towards me as we stepped into the vault room.

I tied on my gag as Thilo started cracking safes. Collecting the money into little bags, I watched the room carefully. Milby was controlling the people and Thilo was taking out the cash, now it was my turn. I took a few bags, whatever I could carry to the front of the bank. Throwing open a side door, I started setting the sacks along the wall. Then I could hear sirens pick up in the distance.

Milby radioed. “Pack it up.”

I put the bags in their safe spot and rushed inside to get more. The others were loaded up and I took the rest. Thilo’s eyes got wide as we started passing by the front. There were lots of officers outside.

“This is Amity from the MPD, we would like to know your demands.”

I gestured for the guys to keep on their path. Milby tossed me his gun. We agreed to only have one with us per job. Thilo was already looking pail. He hurried out the back with Milby on his tail. I grabbed the first civilian to my left and hoisted her up. Holding the gun to her head and her body against mine as a shield, I walked up towards the window.

My job was the misdirection. Like any good magic trick, you set up the story, have everything in place beforehand and then just distract the audience. Of course, my role was the most dangerous. I reached up with one finger and pulled the gag from my mouth. Then reached into my back pocket and pulled out a nearly full water bottle.

“Good evening Amity.”

“Raver, put your damn gag back on,” Milby said.

“Do you see this bottle? It’s filled with a lovely substance I call glycal. I’m sure you know it. It blows shit sky high. So please take a moment to consider your options.” I called through the open doors where people had fled.

I held my human shield up in front of me and pointed the gun at the plastic bottle.

“For your safety, I suggest one of two things. One, run. Two, beg.”

I started backing up into the bank. There was another door on the other side.

A whisper entered the one earbud I wore. “Milby, where are you?”

“How the hell should I know.”

My heart sunk. They had gotten separated. That meant many more cops that I had anticipated.

“Is there a third option?” Amity called over the megaphone.

I was back by the other door now. Slowly, I lifted my hands up from around the girl and kept the gun on the bottle.

“Sure. Just try to catch me.”

I bolted out the door and the opposite way of the guys. My footsteps seemed louder than before as I raced away from danger.

“Are you guys safe?” Thilo asked.

I couldn’t reply. Too much noise and they would find me. I tried to zigzag through the alleys.

“Guys?” Thilo’s voice sounded weak. “I have the bags. I’m at the station but I’m kinda stuck. Guys?”

Milby wasn’t replying and he was quick to words. That was worrisome. He easily could have gotten lost or might not know who’s around him. I resolved to get up on the rooftops to track him down. At the next dumpster bin, I jumped up and climbed atop. It made a much louder sound that I was hoping. Gripping the brick, I looked up at where I needed to jump. If I missed the empty trash bin would be too loud to hide me.

“Guys? I have to take off my headphones. I need to see how far I am from the sirens.”

Bad idea. Bad idea. I wanted to tell him the station was fine even though it wasn’t. But I could hear radios beeping down the alley. Still no reply from Milby. I leaped up. My hand caught the gutter. Pulling myself up, I heard the gutter creek. I looked at the loose screws. There was no place for me to hide if this thing broke. It creaked again. I heard footsteps running towards me.

Scrambling to grab onto something else, I heard the footsteps stop. Then the click of a gun being taken off safety. It firered. The bullet rattled against the metal sending the whole gutter falling off onto the ground. I hit the dumpster and fell off into the corner. The sky was hazy with a distant fire and the gutter was on top of me.

A young lady with blond hair pulled back was standing a few feet from me. I lifted up my gag and bit it to keep from yelling and giving away my position. My other hand still gripped the bottle.

“Ah it’s speak no evil.” She said and started walking closer. “Put that damn thing down, I know it’s only water.”

My body screeched in pain but I could only recede further into the corner. She put her gun back in her holster. My breaths were heavy as she inspected me. I watcher her hand go for her radio.

“Don’t make me call back up on you. Stand up, hands behind your back.” She was smiling like I did when I won.

My gun was sitting by her feet and she knew it. I looked up at the roof, no way I could make it without the gutter.

“Raver? We’re at the station.” Milby said. “You leading them away?” He paused. “We got it all. Heading back to your place.”

I looked to the girl, my arm on fire.

Thilby’s voice came over the earbud. “Please be ok. Please oh please be ok.”

I pushed myself up with one hand but it gave out. Leaning against the wall, I grabbed it and grimaced.

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The Business of Kidnapping

This is the start of a novel length work…Enjoy

It wasn’t my alarm clock that was ringing, it was my phone. Groggy from just waking up from three hours of sleep, I looked out the small port side window of the boat and picked up the stander issue phone.
“Good morning, this is 9Rom.” I said and rubbed my eye.
The boat rocked under my feet making me feel sick to my stomach.
“Are you on the boat to the station?” It was 2Hil, I could tell my his tense, stressed voice.
“I wouldn’t feel this sick if I were on land.”
I stood up and pressed a hand to the wall so I could stay upright. My legs trembled slightly under each step as I made my way to the door.
2Hil sighed. “Good.”
“Is something wrong?”
I shoved open the door into the tin hall. Grabbing the frame of the door, I looked down the way to see which way the stairs were.
I rolled my eyes. “Well, what is it?”
“Remember how we were going to kidnap the princess?”
The boat suddenly shifted and I tumbled over myself. I grabbed the wall and looked up at the gray ceiling.
“Princess Kyah?” I leaned against the wall and rubbed the back of my head.
“Yeah, well she disappeared.”
I pushed myself up off the ground. “Disappeared? What does that mean?”
“She’s gone. We put her in the central cell unit 7 with twenty-two others and well…” His voice got hushed. “There are still twenty-two girls, but we can’t figure out which one is her.”
“What, are you joking?” I walked down the hall, up the stairs and out onto the deck. “It’s the girl wearing a dress with long red hair and green eyes.”
“They cut her hair and other girls too. They changed clothes and I don’t know, made her look all normal.”
I walked up to the railing of the bow of the PT boat. “Well keep them all away from the rest of the group. I’ll sort it out when I get there.”
I could see a strip of land on the horizon. Smiling, I turned to go inside and see the captain.
“Land ahead,” I said to 2Hil. “I tell him to skip the train and we’ll get to the station ASAP.”
“That’s not good enough.” He said quickly. “I radioed a helicopter to meet you at the dock.”
I furrowed my brow and looked at the gray sky. Wind gushed past me and blew my hair around.
“We’re trying to stay under the radar here,” I said. “Helicopters are supposed to be reserved for kidnappings and emergencies. What is so awful about this situation that you are willing to risk this whole organization?”
There was a long pause from his side of the phone. I looked out at the mainland, my seasickness already melting into distaste. A wave crashed up over the side and water rained over my head. I could hear his steps on the other end of the phone, then he stopped.
“She probably has a tracking device planted on her.” He said.
“We’ve dealt with that before when we kidnapped Prince Mahi.”
“But-” He stopped and then whispered. “She knows.”
“She knows what?”
He shushed me. “Be quiet, this is classified stuff I’m telling you.”
“What does she know?”
“The launch codes.” My heart stopped. “If we let her get one message out… all it takes is the coordinates and everyone on our island will be nuked.”
Then I suddenly heard sirens start wailing on his side of the phone and he hung up. I folded the phone shut and looked up. A white helicopter flew overhead and I waved to it. Then I rushed inside and looked at the captain.
“I need to get on that helipad as soon as possible,” I said.
“Yes, sir.”
The boat kicked into a higher gear and we started bouncing over the waves. I reached to grab the notepad out of my pocket and found I was still in my pajamas. So I rushed downstairs and got ready to go. When we started docking, I ran upstairs with my backpack over one shoulder and hopped over the rail to the Helipad. I grabbed the handle, swung myself up on the helicopter and dropped my bag.
“This is the copter to the station?” I asked.
“That it is.”
I cursed in my head and looked up to see Gek sitting in the pilot’s seat. This was the master of all destruction, the rule breaker, the captain of IOU, too cool for school, 7Gek. He sat in the pilot’s seat and was hitting buttons. The propellers started to spin overhead. As the noise picked up, he turned to me and tossed a pair of headphones my way. I put them on and settled in my seat, holding my backpack close. In my opinion, it would be a miracle if we didn’t crash. But he was trusted with this mission so I didn’t say anything as we lifted up into the air.
“So what’s this super secret mission we’re going on?” His voice rang loudly through the headphones.
“Oh come on.” He looked over at me with a wide grin. “You can tell your pilot.”
I rolled my eyes. “class-i-fied.”
He snickered and leaned back in his seat. “Classified like all that junk you were telling me the last time you were drunk.”
“Oh shut up. Those were special circumstances.” I looked out the window and rested my hand on my fist. “You didn’t repeat any of that did you?”
“Oh, just a little bit.”
I flipped around to look at him. “W-what did you say?”
“Oh, you know.” He was grinning, adjusting a few things. “Like you were telling me about that secret room in the administration building.”
“Oh god. This is why I shouldn’t talk to you.” I covered my eyes.
He laughed. “Come on, we used to be best buds.”
“That is only, only because we were forced to live in the same house.”
“Forced? Awe I liked living with you, you’re a great cook.”
I could see the landing pad. Gek went quiet but was still grinning.
“It’s the princess,” I said quietly. “She’s missing. I need to find her fast before she either escapes or…”
“I see.” He said, finally sobered up from his happiness. “I wish you luck. But please be kind to her, I’m sure she’s scared.”
I looked over at him as he initiated landing. The ground was brown and yellow, dead plants and dirt were the only things around the big white storage building. I could see the helipad below us. As soon as we touched down, I hopped out and made my way towards the building quickly. 2Hil opened a door that would have otherwise been locked and brought me into the station.
“I’m glad you’re here.” He said making his way down the hall as fast as he could while still walking.
“Central Cellblock 7, right?”
“That’s right.” We both walked up to the door.
I didn’t reach to open it. Composing myself, I took a deep breath and closed my eyes. When I opened them again I could see 2Hil with a small grin on his face.
“Work your magic.” He said.
I threw open the door and went in. Twenty-two girls sat in the square room. I flicked on the lights from the outside, sending the dark box into bright fluorescence lights. The girls all flinched, huddled up in the center of the room.
“I’m here for Princess Kyah.” I said while letting out a deep breath. “If someone could please identify her that will make this whole process a lot faster and easier for all of us.” No one moved as I looked around for anyone to say something. “We aren’t going to hurt her… We won’t hurt any of you.”
And still, no one made a move. I looked over my shoulder at 2Hil who was standing in front of the door.
“I’m going to sort them out. The ‘no way’s’ will go on the train put the rest in cell block 2. Get the overseers ready.” I said and he rushed out of the room.
Then I walked up to the closest girl. She pulled away from me into the group.
“Don’t be afraid.” I held out my hand. “Come here, I just need to take a look at you.”
She slowly reached up and took my hand. Her palm was rough as though she had been doing hard work. After I helped her up, I lead her over to the door. She didn’t walk like a princess. As I looked over her I could see she was of a slightly different body build.
I opened the door and looked to the line of fit teens who waited for me. “Train.”
I nudged her out of the room and the first person in line took her hand. Going back to the room I took the few girls who were too large to be the princess out to the overseers. Next, I took the girls who were too tall and those too short. We were down to fifteen. Then I took the girls who had a lot of muscle and I checked each girl’s walk, the roughness of their hands, and the color of their eyes.
There were twelve left. I looked at the rest of the girls who could have been the princess but with shorter hair or a blended eye color. The girl who had worn the dress had already been taken outside. I turned from these girls and went out into the hall. 2Hil stood outside tapping his foot and biting his lip.
“So?” He asked quickly.
“She’s one of those.” I looked over my shoulder at the door. “Well, I think so at least.”
“We need to start loading them onto the train, it was supposed to leave an hour ago.” He looked down at his watch. “I’ll have them tagged and put on board. Go ahead and find your seat, we’re taking the long way this time to confuse the kids on their location so find someplace comfortable.”
“Alright.” I started walking down the hall. “Oh um…” I turned back to him. “You might want to ask a higher up to ask the prince to come down to identify her.”
Then I calmly walked out of the building and started out across the dry field to the station where our old passenger train was sitting. I was alone. Wind brushed over me again. I tried to think of a time when it had been this breezy in September and couple of days came to mind but nothing like today.
“What are you doing?”
I jumped at the sound and looked over my shoulder to see who had spoken. No one was there. So naturally, I turned towards the corner of the building and started walking that way.
“You’re supposed to be on the train.” It was Gek’s voice but it was the words he said that made me walk a little faster and quieter.
“Come on, we have to get you over there before someone finds you off the train. We can’t just leave you here.”
I slowed as I reached the corner. They had stopped talking. I strode around the corner but no one was there. I shook my head slightly and redirected myself back to the train.

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Lie to Me

This is the start of a much longer work of fiction!

Everyone loves a good lie. White lies, exaggerations, promises, stories and, best of all, bold-faced lies. You knew when you picked up this book that it was a tall tale, a work of fiction. I always liked to think that the news told the truth but as we have found, that too is unreliable. But at Li’s request, I was reading the front page.
The storm was flicking the page back and forth as we walked side by side through the gray rain. Water was streaking down my glasses making it hard to read but the bold-faced title certainly had caught my attention. Urban Legend Strikes Again! Brakes squeaked loudly in the rain, their headlights flashing over my face. Everyone had heard of Whicker City’s very own urban legend.
A kid, no older than 7 was a scientific experiment held in the old asylum building at the top of the hill. The goal was to make Telblow Chinst immortal but the tests were painful and the scientists viscous. They committed all sorts of unnecessary evils, little food, no bed, harsh punishments for struggling, not giving him pain meds or waiting for his wounds to heal. One in specific had been taking advantage of the kid and killed Telblow to keep his secret safe. This much is true, the charred asylum building still stood on the horizon. The government had shut down the whole organization and released the medical documents detailing the horrors.
The only thing is, Telblow did become immortal. His ghost, still a child as he had been, gutted the scientist and torched the whole staff, causing the same pain to them which he had been caused. Or at least that’s the only explanation as to how the building caught fire. They say his soul still eagerly seeks out those who hurt others for sport. He kidnaps them, taking the evil to the lab where he touches them. The person is only released as a warning, covered in scars from the experiments.
The paper was soggy in my hands. I jumped at the sudden rumble of thunder. Li was staring right at me. His silver hair was going nuts in the wind and his gray eyes looked like the storm itself. He was wearing all black again, with his leather over a black tee with a cowl. He had on his long fingerless gloves with the gold decals like the ones on his jacket. The intensity in his eyes made me look away and blush. It was no exaggeration to say he was handsome as hell.
“What do you think?” He said as lightning flashed not that far away.
I looked back to the article. “It’s all bull. People just get drunk, wander up there and get cut up on the barbed wire.”
Then his hand came over the article. He peeled back the top page where a huge picture of a kid with a sadistic smile was staring right at me. Big round glasses, white hair in a mohawk, a scar across his face, wearing the rags that could have once been a hospital gown, and a scalpel held up to the cheek of Frendl the school bully. That was Telblow alright.
I dropped the paper without meaning to. My face got cold as I stood firmly in place above the puddle it had landed in. Li stopped too, I could see his black sneakers just ahead of me. He came back beside me and bent down to pick up the paper. His gloves were wet now but he turned the paper over in his hands. Then he held it out to me. As I took it, he kept walking. We did need to get to class. I took a deep breath and kept walking.
My socks were soggy and my skin was so cold it burned. This truly was a scorching winter. The picture was of the museum, an old, concrete building in the center of town. ‘Thieves gold’ gemstone on display. Will it be stolen again? This arbitrary piece of rock was highly coveted. It had a history of being stolen from every museum, collection, and household it had ever been a part of. The people in the article called it cursed because it really wasn’t all that valuable but was always the only thing to be stolen. The stone itself resurfaced on the black market every 10-20 years.
“Why are you showing me this?” I yelled to Li even though he was not that far in front of me.
“I got a job.” He said and his jaded eyes looked over at me. “Night Guard.”
Dread instantly filled my core. “Are you nuts? You’re going to get yourself killed.”
“I don’t care.”
“I know you don’t, but I do.”
I marched up beside him but his stoic face revealed nothing. Sighing, I handed him back the paper. He took it and tucked it under his jacket. That was the second time I had thought to tell him I had a crush on him in that morning alone.
I adored his silver hair, I knew it was dyed but it was still perfect for him. His roots were a kind of black reserved for black holes. He really had no choice but to have me dye it every few weeks, though. In our community, everyone was born with blond hair that grew in darker as they lost their childhood innocence. A lot of people at our school dyed their hair so their parents wouldn’t know about all the dirty stuff they had been getting into. Some people took pride in how dark their hair was, the bad boys especially, but for Li, it was just a reminder of lost youth.
I had platinum blonde so bright white that it invited every other guy to pick on me. By this age almost all the boys had darker hair. I had virgin blond hair and everyone teased me about it but I still refused to dye it. From the high school up ahead I could already hear the teasing, my hair a spotlight in the storm.
“Dye your damn hair already,” Li said barely a whisper over the wind. “Or I’ll dye it while you’re snoring.”
“I’ve managed to carry my childlike sense of wonder into high school and I’m not going to hide it.”
“It’s embarrassing, haven’t you ever thought one dirty thought?”
Hundreds, whenever he walked out of the shower in a towel or fell asleep on the couch beside me.
“Well, it’s not white.”
“Whiter than the snow.”
I kicked the gray snow with my boot. It looked like ash heaped up all over the city. Snow sat on the limbs of leafless trees making them look scorched in a fire that never came through.
“This isn’t normal. Besides, your skin is whiter than sunscreen.”
His eyes were smiling even though his lips hadn’t moved. “I take pride in my reclusiveness.”
We were in the snow-covered grass now and it took everything I had not to look at the gang of boys who were shouting at me. Li could clearly see this on my face. He turned to glare at the guys and at once, they all shut up. I had no idea why everyone at the school was so terrified of him. Rumor has it Li beat the crap out of the football team when I was sick at the beginning of the year. But rumors too are lies for the most part. Li escorted me to history and sat down in the seat beside me even though he didn’t have a first-period class.
“Didn’t you stay up late last night?” I asked.
“You should have slept in, you don’t have to walk me to school.”
He shrugged and pulled out the paper. “I like your cooking so I have to get up.”
“You made breakfast.”
He blinked and then looked up at me. “Oh. Well, you were going to be late, I had to do something.”
The bell rung and the teacher started chatting away. I smiled at him. My heart always seemed to pound a little faster when I was with him. When I was sick earlier in the term he had to take me to the hospital because I was so weak. I remember how he was so worried that he had to be very close to me at all times. When they were checking my heart rate, he had put his hand on mine and the doctor was worried about how fast my heart was beating. I smiled to myself now and looked to him.
He was bent over a sketchbook drawing away. I had never once seen what he was drawing, not because he was shy but because he was stubborn. He reached over and took a book out of my bag and set it on my desk without looking up. I noticed that all the other kids had their textbooks open. Hurriedly, I flipped through the pages and found the one the girl next to me was reading.
One of the pictures was of a huge black rock that had been carved in by the natives. Below it was the transcription. I’m sure it wasn’t what the rest of the class was reading but the concept of another lie fascinated me.
Now is the time of dying. Our slaughter has come but do not lose heart. From the ashes of our world will rise another. And from white stone, a hero will be born. He shall avenge us. He shall revive our lost art. He shall take back what is rightfully ours.
The teachers cleared his throat and I looked up. “So as you can see, today we are talking about the attempted genocide of our ancestors. Can anyone interpret what you just read?”
A young lady at the front of the class raised her hand and he called on her. “Upon destroying the ‘Earth’ its inhabitant’s flue on a spaceship and landed here. The King wanted complete control over the land and was threatened by our magic. He tried to have all us natives killed but some of us escaped to this island. And he only cares about his gigantic city and hasn’t come looking for us.”
“Very good, thank you.”


If you want me to write more, please leave a like and/or comment! I have a whole novel-length work planned!

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The Day the Gods Gave Up

This is the start of a much longer work of fiction!

I was five when the gods gave up on humanity. The day had started just like any other, everyone grumpily going to work on a sunny Monday morning. It was May 19 of the year 3000, the perfect day for the gods to interrupt all of our lives. The King of Planet Merc had just written off his approval of law 3319 stating that men as young as ten could now bet their lives and losing would make them the slave of the winner. I was watching it on the jumbotron with my mom beside telling me how screwed up the world was.
We were standing in the middle of the street with the thousands of other Immantuins that had been thrown into the slums after the most recent rebellion. All of us were used to living on the other side of the wall where we could watch the news in our own home theaters while slaves served us our protein slurpees. I was too short to see the screen so I was looking at the back of the lady in front of me who was still wearing her pink ball gown that was now brown and had rips all up and down the back of it. Dad was off in the forest trying to get us some food but he wasn’t a very capable man so my stomach growled loudly.
Then the sky suddenly filled with gray storm clouds. Purple lightning came along with the rain as we all stood there. All of us outcasts weren’t used to the non-climate controlled world and so we stood there and got soaked. It was better than trying to huddle in shacks with leaks and listen to the creaking of the walls.
But this storm wasn’t like the other two storms I had seen in my life. I guess that’s why all eyes turned to the sky. The thunder rumbled so loudly I couldn’t hear the jumbotron over it. But this thunder seemed to be talking. An unclear voice was yelling down at us all over the wind and rain. The tops of the storm clouds were cast in gold light and along the edges was the very clear outline of humongous people.
My mom took my dirt-stained hand in hers. I still don’t know if it was the rain that made it look like she was crying but I know she wasn’t sad. Someone started yelling in a crazed haze behind us.
“It’s the rapture everyone! Finally! Purge us all! The Rapture. The rapture.”
But I didn’t know what that was. I looked back to see what the man was talking about but my mom grabbed me and held me tightly beside her. The thunder rumbled louder and this time I could actually understand what was being yelled from the sky.
“We are your creators! The gods of Earth, the Heavens, and Merc.”
And a different voice yelled. “God of Water.”
Someone else joined in. “God of Wind.”
And more were shouted, the list was long enough for people to begin reclaiming their sanity. God of Animals, God of Fertility, God of Luck, God of Health. More and more voices thundered from the heavens and then the list finally ended.
“As in times of old, we have found humanity is imperfect. Incapable of worshiping its creators, destroying the perfect Earth we have created, and threatening its own existence. So brothers and sisters of the heavens, shall we end them in floods as we have done before?”
The wild amount of booing was so loud I had to cover my ears.
“Shall we end them in fire?”
Whooping and booing both roared from the sky.
“End them in plague?”
And the cheering erupted again. At this point, I looked to my mom, trying to understand what they were talking about.
“Hush now darling.”
I looked around and all the humans were silent. “Mommy-”
“Honey, just listen.”
I looked at the unmoving crowd. Stealing my hand away from her, I ran through the legs of the people before me and up the grassy hill. I could see the clouds growing and the rain was pelting down on me harder and harder. The slope was muddy and the rocks in my shoes rattled around under my feet. I slipped as I tried to climb over a short wall. The sheep on the other side didn’t like me running into the center of the field.
I waved my hand wildly, holding it up like I did in class. “Excuse me? Hello? Excuse me!”
But the heavens didn’t answer. The sky was so dark it felt like night. I smirked at them and the sat down. Sitting criss-cross applesauce, I put my hands together like I saw in daddy’s old films.
“Excuse me, gods! But I’m sure everyone would love to pray to you if you just want to tell us what to do.”
The sky wasn’t yelling anymore. I opened my eyes and looked up at the sky.
“I mean I get we are kinda screwed up but I think everyone just kinda got busy and forgot. Like I forgot my sister’s birthday because we were moving and I didn’t give her a gift even though I really do love her.”
The thunder had stopped altogether but the rain was pelting me to the point I thought my skin would fall off.
“Hey, are you listening? If you guys could talk to us the whole flipping time then why didn’t you just tell us you were unhappy? Don’t you guys usually light stuff on fire or something to show up you’re upset? Like, where’s that one guy who can walk on wine or something? Can’t we talk to him about this?”
“That would be a prophet.”
I looked over my shoulder really quickly to see three people standing behind me. Blinking, I turned completely around and looked at them. A guy with a super long beard like a wizard, a lady wearing armor, and someone in an oversized hood cloak thing.
“Are prophets like lawyers? Can we ask them to tell you guys not to kill us all and then everyone will yell and we’ll get some money or something?”
The lady laughed quietly. “Not exactly little one.”
“Where did you learn to pray like that?” The guy in the black cloak whispered as he came close to me.
“My dad had a whole bunch of old movies from Earth time. He told me not to touch them but I really wanted to know what they were… I guess that makes me bad, huh?”
The old man knelt down in the grass. His big hand ran through my hair and it dried off. A lock of hair fell in front of my eyes and was glowing purple silver. He was smiling very warmly at me and I couldn’t help but smile back.
“You make a very good point. You little Sir will be our Prophet.” He said and stood up.
“How do I do that?”
Before my eyes the lady disappeared and it looked like a shooting star erupted into the sky. Then the old man did the same. I looked at the guy in the cloak, waiting for him to turn into a fireball too. He turned away from me and knelt down.
“Ever had a piggyback ride, kid?” He said in a cold voice.
I ran up to him and threw my arms around his shoulders. He stood up and held me in place. I peered over his shoulder to see what his face looked like. From under a big black mask, red eyes locked onto me.
“Who are you?” I asked as he looked up at the sky.
“Death, the Grim Reaper, Osiris, Hades, take your pick, there are hundreds.”
And then he lept into the air. We were moving so fast it felt like my face skin was going to tear off. All around me I could only see streaking light and then suddenly just a bright light at the end of a black surrounding. Then, in an instant, it all stopped. We stood in the golden light on the top of the clouds. I sild off of his back and looked around at the thousands of gods that all stood at the edge of the clouds. The lady in armor held out her hand. I ran up to take it. She walked me past all the eyes peering at me.
“A savior has stepped forward.” The old man said into a microphone in the middle of the cloud.
His deep voice was perfectly clear up here. I looked around at all the faces, there were animal looking ones and people with animal heads, everyone looked pretty unique. They were all silent as were the humans on the ground.
“He will be our speaking piece, our prophet, the heavens mouthpiece. As of this moment, we remove the self-proclaimed king from power. Anyone who dares to defy what our chosen one proclaims shall perish from an incurable disease. And should this child dare to betray us he will be destroyed on the spot. I present to you all Prophet Orion.”
And at once I felt myself being lowered from the cloud. Still encapsulated in that golden light, I seemed to be in a reverse tractor beam, being placed on the Earth for all to see. I could see the whole world as I slowly drifted down. The was the city full of golden skyscrapers and glowing screens. The wall was wrapped around it and the castle whose flags were torn away in the wind and cast out to sea. On the other side of the upper-class district was everything else. The mountains with snow still on their peaks, the forests, the prairies, and all the little towns that dotted all the open land in between.
Hover cars and helicopters flew up to circle around me, capturing footage for the news. I was dispensed onto the tallest tower in the castle where I could look out and see the rolling sea stretching out for hundreds of miles. Turning around I could see the city looking back at me through the skyscrapers and hover cars and cameras. All the screens showed my face, brightly smiling with messy purple silver hair. My eyes now shone a brilliant gold and on my cheek was a scar in the shape of a swirling star with eight points.
And that was the moment when the world changed forever. I stood at the top of the tower watching the king flee his castle and the storm clouds disappear. Once again I stood in the brilliant sunlight and all eyes were on me. People who wanted power quickly rushed to my side and escorted me inside to the king’s throne. Everyone was kneeling before me as I tried to wrap my head around what was happening. The world seemed to be waiting for orders from me.
“Um, will someone go to all the towns and tell them what has happened?” I said and looked around, “and can someone show me where the bathroom is?”
A few moments later I stood in an ornate bathroom staring myself down in the mirror. “Alright gods, what do you want me to do?”
And a voice filled my head. “Build shines for the gods and teach everyone how to worship us.”
By the time I was 15 there were shrines all across the world. Temples were erected in every town and the people knew how to worship. I was in charge of everything, the money, the building, the people, the government as a whole. And by 19 I was sick of it all.


If you want me to write more, please leave a like and/or comment! I have a whole novel-length work planned!

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My 6 Favorite Books From Childhood

Enter a caption



All writers have to get their spark from somewhere. For me, it was middle school, the peak of my reading career. These are my favorite books from that time. I won’t summarise them because you can find that anywhere.



Molly Moon and the Incredible Book of Hypnotism61ps5n05iul-_sy344_bo1204203200_

You wouldn’t know how fascinating this novel and the rest of the series is by the opening pages. But once you get into the real meat of the story you’ll find an amazing world and great adventure.

Dark Life


The world building is absolutely perfect. The twist ending made me love writing and reading. I also loved the characters and found the whole thing to be a beautiful ride.

Jake Ransom and the Skull King’s Shadow


Talk about a page turner. When I read it I was completely pulled in by the amazing world and fast plot. There was so much going on it kept me pulled in the entire time.



This one’s a family favorite. We would listen to it on every road trip becue the writing is simply beautiful. It tells a fantastic story that is both funny and leaves you with a sad but satisfying ending.

Zen and the Art of Faking


If you want to fall in love with a character pick up this book. It was packed with awesome moments that have stuck with me to this day.


What were your favorites?

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Living with Dyslexia– What still trips me up after 20 years

If you came here from my other Writing Characters with Dyslexia blogs, welcome. This one might be slightly more personal but should still help you get a better understanding of how to write your characters. Dyslexia, as I have said, is different for everyone, but here is what I still have trouble with after years of help.

Sentence Structure

If you were to meet me in person or text back and forth with me you would find a lot of run on sentences and misplaced words. Maybe you can even tell just reading my articles. I use words I know how to spell rather than the first word I thought of. For instance ‘tired’ becomes ‘exhausted’  because the latter is easier for me to remember. When talking, I will really closely mimic people I look up to using emphasis in the same places as them and the same word choice.

Tone of Voice

I get so carried away trying to figure out what people are saying that I don’t listen to what their tone of voice is saying. I’m awful at sarcasm even though I use it quite a bit. No one can tell when I’m being sarcastic and I can’t tell when they are either. This is applicable to all cues you get from tone of voice.

Spanish and French

Any language that uses the same alphabet as English is near impossible for me to read or understand. However, I’m much better at Japanese because EVERYTHING is different. I learn from the ground up all over again and can’t relate it to English in the least.


Even though I know the rules of where to place them, commas illude me. I have to use auto correct to get them in almost all situations. I also will combine sentences with commas instead of using a period. Thank god I live in modern America!

I hope this helped you write more realistic characters or understand dyslexia more. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me either in the comments or on my contact page!

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How To Develop Infinite Novel Plots (With Your Own Personal Theme)

I’m always surprised by how many people have problems coming up with ideas for their books. I’ve never been the type to not have six or seven projects going at once. But there is one thing that I think is unaccounted for when people browse story starting sentences or images. This is something that I have always used and could not develop ideas without.

The Base Story

Now, this is the single most important, root for building every novel you could ever think of.  I always have my niche story start. Think of it as the first building block, the foundation to build upon. This could be as simple as ‘Man Vs. Nature’ or as complex as ‘Man struggling in the business world’ but it is the one common thread that all of your novels will have in common.

It MUST be Something that Interests YOU Deeply

For me, it’s gay romance where one of the main characters does not want to admit he’s gay. I find the dynamic extremely interesting with a thousand different plots. When you try to think of your base story make sure:

It can be set all different places across space and/or time.

You can interchange character types easily.

It is deeply interesting to YOU (not your mom, boyfriend or publisher).

It is flexible enough to fit many different subplots, character developments, and won’t have the same overall outline.

It can be used as a subplot if your interest turns to something else.

So for my example:

Novel 1: Boy is running for a position of power and is blackmailed into a marriage with another guy, main characters does not want to admit he’s gay but ends up falling in love. Novel 2: Boy has no memory of the past as he has died and while traveling through the afterlife the main characters

Novel 2: Boy has no memory of the past as he has died and while traveling through the afterlife the main characters does not want to admit he’s gay but ends up falling in love with his guide.Novel 3:

Novel 3: One of the most popular singers in America does not want to admit he’s gay because he’ll fall out of popular light, but he’s head over heals in love with someone.

I have 20+ ideas that center around this one idea. Whenever I’m stuck, I just start with this concept and brainstorm off of it. It’s a great starting place to get my mojo going.

It has Other Benefits Too!

If being able to develop plots extremely quickly isn’t enough, consider the fallowing. Your books will all be in the same category, making readers find your other work easier. Your publisher will know what to expect for you and can more easily pitch your book. Your current readers will like more that just your fist book and will look forward to others.

I hope this helps you with your plot development basics! Have a great day!

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A Note on How to Write Gay Fiction

I have found that people are most interested in the things they know the least about. One of my most popular posts is ‘How to write characters with dyslexia’ in which I try to help people better understand what dyslexia effects in my life. It was not until just a moment ago that I realized I had another type of character that people were still fascinated by… Gay ones. So here we go, this is my number one and most important tip.

It is exactly the same as writing straight fiction.

When you are writing the actual romance, falling in love is the same for all types of people.

What is different is how the world reacts.

Once upon a time, I wrote a gay romance and the person who read it misread all the pronouns to make the main character a girl. It works for me, they liked the novel they just weren’t open enough to LGBT ideas for me to correct them.

So that is my footnote on how I suggest you write gay fiction- the same way as everything else.

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My Best Tip to Improve Your Writing!

I have a game I like to play constantly. You can do it at work, during class, on a drive, while exercising, and every time it will help you become a better writer. It is simple and easy to do. Just look at anything around you and describe it. Outside my window I see a tree, here is my sentence. ‘There was no wind to shake the branches of the trees that stood rigidly outside my window’. Now I describe something else in one sentence.I do this

I do this with people, objects, sounds, actions, all of it improving my word bank and sentence structure. Doing this makes the places in my book feel more real. I don’t have to remember the line or write it down, it’s just something to do when I’m board. This little game gets my creative juices flowing. It works so well for me because there is always something new going on in the real world.

But what about when I’m stuck in the same room day after day? Well, I rewrite the sentences as if I were one of my characters. For instance, ‘The tree didn’t move no matter how long I glared at it, wishing I were somewhere else’. I do this task will all my characters and that helps me delineate character traits and speech patterns.

So the next time you’re bored or can’t write, try describing something around you. You’ll notice many more intricacies of the world that way. Be your own narrator and don’t forget to have fun!