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Do I Recommend to Writers?

We’ve all seen the ads for where you learn skills for a small fee but I recently had the opportunity to try it out for free. My main goal when reading on there was to learn writing skills. When I went on there for the first time…

I was Initially Disappointed

When I saw the writing classes most of them appeared to be for nonfiction, like for resumes, speeches, and business. Now the ones I have gotten all the way through were very useful!

The Quality of the Videos is Great

There are a lot of good quality editing tips and a few story videos that particularly helped me. But because of the length of the series, I found it hard for me to get through them and often had to do it in more than one sitting. That isn’t the way I learn but…

I DO Recommend Lynda But Not for the Reason You Think

When I was searching for other writing videos I found tons of other resources which I think will help the other aspects of my career such as blogging courses and google analytics tutorials that I wouldn’t have know to seek out if it weren’t for that site. So if you are looking to expand your horizons when it comes to selling your work, then yes I would check out at least the 10-day free trial. If you are going there for the writing specifically, though, I wouldn’t hand over any money.

But That’s Just My Opinion

I am in no way sponsored and made this because I always wondered if I should sign up for the classes. I hope this helped you. Have a great day!

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The Value of Beta Readers

Beta readers are people of your target audience that can give you helpful feedback on your story. If you write for the opposite gender, someone older or younger than you, or someone in a different occupation, you may want a beta reader. They can give you crucial advice.  Gathering a group of your target audience can also tell you what need to be changed, what’s confusing, and what’s well written. You can enlist beta readers before or after getting your book edited, but usually before you send of the manuscript to publishers.

Beta readers aren’t that hard to find, check writing groups on face book, ask on your blog, but try not to ask only your friends or family. You need both tough criticism and great support to help your book. Make sure you’re in a stable mental state and then ask away. So, dose any young adult girls or gay guy want to beta read for me?